General Questions

What will be the role of the CFPC and its Chapter Offices in the delivery of ALARM?
The SOGC has been successfully delivering the ALARM program since 1995 and, given their capacity, will continue to do so. We believe that keeping the point of contact to a single organization (the SOGC) will allow the most efficient, cost-effective, and consistently high-quality delivery possible.

What will the CFPC’s role be regarding the content of the program?
Although the CFPC will not be involved in ALARM program logistics, the College will have a strong presence in the maintenance and oversight of the ALARM program and its associated content. A number of CFPC-designated family physician members will participate on the SOGC’s Obstetrical Content Review and ALARM committees to ensure that the specialty of family medicine is well represented.

Are we able to run our own ALARM courses, or will we need to contract the SOGC to manage and deliver ALARM on our behalf?
There will be two models for resident/trainee-exclusive programs. With the first model your organization manages all aspects of the program (registration, venue, payment of faculty, providing equipment, etc.) and pays a set per-participant licensing fee to the SOGC for use of ALARM program curriculum and participant materials (guidebook, examination, wallet cards, etc.). With the second model, the SOGC provides enhanced off-site and on-site support—which can include registration, venue selection and set-up, hiring and payment of faculty, provision of equipment. You choose the level of support you require from the SOGC and its staff and the cost to your organization will be scaled to their involvement.

Where and when will ALARM be offered?
The SOGC offers a number of ALARM courses throughout the year. To check the schedule for dates and locations visit the website at If you are interested in arranging an ALARM course, please contact the SOGC ALARM team at [email protected] or 1-800-561-2416 ext. 271.